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Hello :)

I have been tasked by the company I work for to find a great online resource for passing the MSCA, specifically 70-410, 70-411, 70-412. We would like something that the entire company can use and learn from as a one-stop-shop for the certification. Previously we have been sending our techs to bootcamp style, instructor led courses with great success, but with the rising costs we are now looking for alternatives, preferably something online based. If you have any suggestions, even if they don't meet the requirements I specified, please share. THANK YOU.


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    There is no one resource that can be used for these exams.
    Here is a good video that shows you how to set-up a lab in VM ware
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    For a company? Not exactly online based, but get a few books for each. I like the MS Press books, some others like Sybex, or which ever floats your boat. Books are generally under $100 each, cheaper 2nd hand. A nice little library is good for an IT department to have.
    The other things is to set up a lab. Perhaps the company has old servers or spare licenses to play with.

    There are test engines from Boson and Transcender, maybe others. Some books come with labs.

    Online resources are varied. I think Udemy has some, StoneRiverLearning has online courses for MCSA/MCSE Server 2012 and Windows 7/8. There's also random stuff around on YouTube.

    Perhaps setting up a Wiki page for your IT team to share resources, web page links etc.

    When it comes down to it, the way you pass these exams (well, the sensible approach), is to use the technology, use the books etc to ensure that you have covered everything, practice all the objectives that you are weak on, and do the exam.

    Probably the best thing your company could do is to provide the time and space for people to get to grips with the technology and prepare for the exams.
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