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I am having trouble understanding routing tables and analyzing them in depth. I understand I will have to dissect a routing table and know how to troubleshoot them for the exam. I can't seem to wrap my head around them enough to do so. I have watched Pr. Messer and read Mike Meyers. Any advice? Any good resources that will go more in depth?


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    Routing tables pretty much just shows information about how to get to a destination IP address out of which interface or the next hop IP address. The size could vary depending on the size of your network. there could be hundreds of routes or simply 1.

    hope this helps a little
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    So, it's Network+, they will want you to know which route will be taken for a packet sent to a particular IP. Whether that route is local, through a particular router, or out through the default gateway. The thing to remember is that the more specific route will be prefered. So if you are sending a packet to, and you have an entry in your routing table for the network, one for, and one for, then it is going to go via the most specific (
    Possible problems are things where there is no route (and no default route), where the route is via a path that can't be reached (for example on a network interface that is down), where the route is to a router which you don't have route for (misconfigured route), or where the route should be configured more broadly or narrowly.

    This subject can get very deep.
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