Comptia A+ Net+ Sec+ bundle online course worth it?

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[I'm not a native speaker, so bear with me]

I want to take and succeed in the above certifications, while actually learning and understanding the contents aswell.
So looked and found a course offer (Groupon) for 79$ these two companies offering that bundle, with e-careers offering an even larger bundle with more material, but I don’t care for it as much as I prefer quality of training with the aim to pass the exams.

I researched a bit and on the following site most say, that it is not worth it, using free material would be better (they’re talking webdesign though), someone mentioned teamtreehouse as the better alternative. (Many 1-poster in this thread, looks like fake, which doesn’t shed a good light on e-careers at all!)
Link: - Web Design Tutorials - Web Design Forum
On the other hand: (seems also manipulated to me)

Now I’m not sure if I should take the course and if so, which one of the two.

Could anyone please help me out for quickly making a decision on this?



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    I know this is about a week old but I would stay away from the online based training for the trio CompTIA certs. I'm not sure about where you live but I can pick up an A+ book off amazon for around $30-$40. Similar prices for Net+ and Sec+.

    The bundle does seem like a decent price for $69 and you have access for a full year so it would work. I'd rather have a hard copy book for a few bucks extra that is proven to work. I can't find that many reviews for careeracademy.

    If I had to do one of those three certs over again i'd just stick with professer messer free video courses + Quizlets and not pay anything except the test cost. Again, maybe i'm just paranoid but careeracademy has only a handful of reviews and Messer does a great job for free and is known to work.

    Your mileage may vary, just be sure to try and find a good deal on discounted Cert prices.
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    I wouldn't pay for formalized training on a Comptia exam. The Net+ and Sec+ are basically dictionary exams. No reason you cant study and pass with a couple $20 books and as Kenrin said, free professor messer videos. There are a ton of free materials out there for Comptia exams.
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