Optical Networking Certification Path

If I may put in this way ''You have 3 months to learn Wavelength multiplexing, deploy, install, configure point-to-point Adva hardware''. My career has been plunged into a whirlpool a few days ago as I've been selected to work on this (this will be an addition to my current job duties)

Basically layer 1 transmission stuff. Well, at least I get to work with state of the art technology. :)

Does Cisco offer a certification career path that covers this? If not, what vendor and certification paths are there that covers this?

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    Same thing happened to me with Adva. It's tough jumping straight into it. Not sure of any certifications, but just their documentation, google and basic understanding of multiplexing technologies and I've managed well enough. Their support is usually fairly responsive as well.
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    Have you checked with Adva to see if they offer classes or maybe free training for customers/partners?

    I know Ciena offers some free materials on optical communications if you work for a partner. I believe they also have paid instructor led classes.
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    My current study documentation for this is as follows:

    A-01-1: Basic Terminology
    A-01-2: Overview Of FSP3000R7
    A-02: Optical Architectures
    A-03: Protection Mechanism
    A-04: Management Concepts
    A-08: Data Communication Network

    Reference Guide to Fiber Optic Testing Volume 1
    Reference Guide to Fiber Optic Testing Volume 2
    Reference Guide to Fiber Optic Testing Glossary

    OptiX WDM Product Optical Power Calculation ISSUE 1.02
    Training Course WDM Principle V1.0
    Understanding OTDR

    Those are the training documents I've received. Going through all those documents and I am also getting hands on experience with the FSP3000 throughout my learning process, I thought I could sit for an exam (offered by a Pearson Vue testing center) but I've read Cisco had an Optical specialist exam they've retired 6 years ago. Oh well.
    “Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” ― Confucius
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