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First time poster. I would like help understanding how the application process works. I cannot seem to find a concise thread explaining the process.

I know the requirements (35 hours PDU etc...) for applying for the exam but here is where i need help. I have read that many were audited when they applied and paid for the exam fee. I also understood that you have one year from payment to take the exam.

My question is do you need to take the 35 hour bootcamp before applying? Why would i take time and spend more than a thousand dollars on the bootcamp to get my 35 hours if there is a change i will fail audit?

I have read alot of people being completely prepared and studying for months prior to applying and then taking the exam a few weeks later. Seems more logical to me that you get the application and audit out of the way, then use the year allotted to get the required 35 hours, study and take the test.

Thanks for any advice.


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    There are some options to get the education credits to apply. They are mandatory.

    Cbtnuggets and ed2go pmp courses can be used for educational requirements.
    the ed2go courses can be had for $95 to $110.

    for pmp you'll need to look at educational requirements, real project experience.
    got to pmi website and print out their pmp handbook and the application for applying.
    i have not taken or applied for PMP.

    i have applied, registered to take capm exam possibly by the end of year.
    i used ed2go as my education requirements and an additional classes as a resource to help push me thru material.

    see my previous posting on my list of resources I am using.
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