What a Nightmare but I passed...

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passed this beast on Friday with a score of 866. Used full network setup at home with server and 2 machines, study notes, notes off the internet this site, practice exams and on the job training.

However can I say what an absolute nightmare I went through. To cut a long story short I took an entire week off work to study, spent 6 and half days studying (and about 2 weeks before that every night and weekend) doing about 12-13 hrs a day. So by the time I got the testing centre I was breathing microsoft networking DNS, DHCP, IP addressing RAS the whole lot. Got there half way through the exam shuts down, error message 'the test driver has failed' or something like that. I thought there is no way I'm doing this again I was on q29 out of 43 so I went and told someone to warn them that the system was flakey just in case. So I tried to hurry up and finish it because I was paranoid that it would crash so get to the last question, no 43 finish it and guess what? Yes the computer hangs..... completely unresponsive. By this time I was furious I went an made such a fuss had 4 people helping me 2 on the phone to prometric and no one could guarantee me that I didn't have to do it again. I felt I went well but there was no way I was sitting that again not after I finished the whole exam and it decides to crash on the last question. Anyway an hour later prometric had confirmed that they did have my mark but couldn't give it to me because of data protection and it would be put in the post and I would get it in 2 weeks.

Last resort I said to the testing centre well maybe just maybe my session had timedout and if we restart the machine, log back on it might resume at the point that it crashed on and low and behold it did. I tell you I couldn't hit that finish test button any quicker, didn't go over the questions just wanted my mark and luckily I passed. Moral of the story is: the prometric system is sh%t.

Cheers to all on this post for your notes and site links for extra material, it helped.


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