Second attempt on 9/10

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Dear all,

I am just taking the second time of the CISSP exam, i am a bit afraid of failing the exam again, Cause it changed the new exam scope. Last time the day of attempt was on April 14, which is the old exam with 10 domains.

Anybody can provide me an idea of what material should i study or payattention to?

Now, i have finish the revision of 6 domains and with around 7x to 8x% of correct for below 6 domains

Access Control
Information Security and Risk Governence
System Development
System Architecture Design

I only read CISSP All in One 4ed
Should i read more books?
Meanwhile, i did join cccure and doing the question too.
Is cccure useful?

Now, i am in the middle of the revision and have a bit confuse.
Any material should i add in to prepare for the new CISSP 2015?

Thanks all guys again, provide me some new idea


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    Read any of the recent "pass" threads and the info you are looking for will be there. Also, there are 8 domains now, not 6.
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    Try going through the Eric Conrad books, too. Always good to get a different perspective on the material. Focus on the domains you struggled with, previously. Another thing that really helped me succeed was the Transcender questions. I went through all 1100 of them, ensuring I not only knew the correct answer, but why each wrong answer was wrong. That really helped me solidify my knowledge.
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    Yes, I know there are 8 domains, the above 6 domains are finished of revision. I am not sure, following the old scope 10 domains to study is really work or not.icon_study.gif
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    Dear All,

    Any tips on the exam of CISSP? I am just finished on my revision. However, my practice of each domain is around 76-86 only, i scare to fail again. I don't no what i should do now.?? Read the Book again? or continue to do test?? I will have my exam on Oct of 9. Please help. Thanks
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    you ave just 7 days, you can listen to VOD on domain you know u seems to miss the most and read just the chapter concerning those domains.. i believe you will pass.
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    Thanks for supporting, where can i have the VOD?
  • bpennbpenn Member Posts: 499
    CISSP Sunflower.pdfCISSP Combined Notes.pdf


    These resources are from the techexams site submitted by users. With 7 days left, these will be excellent resources.
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    Thank you very much !!! bpenn, you help me a lot
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