Tom. is my intro exam

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First of all thanks for all the support and info. I hope tom. I'll pass my intro exam. So any info I need to know ??


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    Spend some time today studying anything you think you are still weak on.... but save a bunch of time to review -- you don't want to lose points on things you do know (but didn't refresh in your brain because you were worring about other topics).

    Relax a little bit today/tonight -- if you can, but don't worry about if you can't.

    Try and get a good nights sleep -- you might feel like a 6 year old the night before christmas -- but you'll eventually fall asleep.

    Depending on your test time -- don't forget a light breakfast. I usually do afternoon tests, so I skip lunch so I don't feel like I need an afternoon nap. I'd rather be hungry than sleepy.

    If you've got the time -- continue to review. Get to the test center early to allow for traffic, parking, etc..... and use that time for your final review. If you have trouble remembering something -- it should be written on your "final review sheet." Those are the things you may find useful to **** onto your scratch sheet while you go through the demo test. Don't forget to write out your subnet **** sheet during the demo.

    The most important thing once the exam begins -- time management. Do a time check every so often. And don't spend too much more than 10 minutes on any sim question. And some of the questions can be tricky -- read the question and all of the answers, then read the question again -- then pick the correct answer. Yeah, picking the correct answer is obvious, but a lot of people forget to do it under the test pressure. icon_lol.gif

    Review -- Relax -- and Good Luck icon_thumright.gif
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