Auditor taking CISSP?

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Hello everyone,

I passed the CISA in December and am looking at getting started on studying for the CISSP. I've learned/relied on this site to help pass the CISA, and I've spent some time looking at all of the "passed" CISSP threads. (My background is more financial, but I switched to IT audit about five years ago.)

My question to you all is – without a highly technical background is it possible to pass this test by reading and rereading the AIO and using several test bank products?

Also, has anyone else gone through this same or similar path? If yes, can you please share your experience and guidance?

Thanks for any help or guidance you can provide!!


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    Keep in mind that the technical component on this test is EXTREMELY high level. You are not expected to know how to install a configure a router but should now its purpose and why you would use it in place of a firewall or other devices.
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    I have also an audit/financial background and currently studying for CISSP. It is perfectly do-able with an IT audit background and 5 years of (security) auditing experience. But I wouldn't say that the level of technical detail is very high level, especially when compared with CISA. For example the level of knowledge both in scope as well in depth required for networking and cryptography is quite a lot more and detailed than CISA. However, it must be said that I have yet to take the exam and only did the 1000+ tests from CCCure.
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    You should try reading the "You Will Make it ! ...I Did It and Passed on 09/01" thread by BOUAISSI who is an IT auditor that has the CISA and passed the CISSP exam at the beginning of the month.
    I am also an IT auditor that has the CISA and am currently studying for the CISSP.
    I think that with a good plan, the right ressources and a lot of work it is doable.

    Good luck on your preparation.
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