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Can anyone tell me the version name and maybe the first sentence in the ITIL MALC Case Study for the exam? I'm using Simplilearn and they can't help me with this simple question/issue. It's so frustrating.

Also, exam tips would be greatly appreciated.


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    Hi Patrick

    You should have case study 1 v1.1. First sentence "a bank specialises in banking services for individuals and companies"....

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    Thanks so much Claire! You're a godsend. Now, back to studying. :)
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    Good luck icon_smile.gif

    What are the key words to look for in the MALC exam questions
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    I don't know if there are key words per se, but there are key concepts that can generally tip you off on the 5 point and 3 point questions or even help determine the distracter or the really abd (1 pointer).

    Below I will paste snippets of two of the answers from the MALC Sample Paper 1 (v5.1). I chose this one because it does not require the syllabus (but remember, the vast majority of MALC questions will be syllabus based, so get familiar with it).

    Answer Choice 1: "Conduct an assessment of the current situation by first understanding the vision by discussing this with senior IT and business management. Then interview key stakeholders in both the IT service provider unit and within the business units."

    Answer Choice 2: "Understand the high level vision from an IT perspective and define the strategy. Conduct interviews with representatives from all business units to ascertain the processes they follow when reporting incidents, asking for changes, requesting new services etc."

    It should already be clear which one of these two is more correct. Once of them neglects a key concept even though it tries to cover that up with the next sentence. Because it starts talking about understanding the vision "from an IT perspective and define the strategy" this is clearly wrong because the key concept is that the view should always be business focused so you could use "lack of business focus" as your keyword in this case.

    Hope that helps. Also, this test of not on Bloom's level 4 which is the one that is more likely to rely on a 'keyword.' Level 5 requires the contextualization of knowledge with application to new scenarios.

    Please note: that I am not yet an ITIL Expert. I am sitting the exam within the next few weeks (after a little more study and a little less being scurred) but there are Experts here who may have better insight.
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