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Hello everyone,

My question for today is primarily focused on the Brocade ICX 6450 switch. The person who had the job before me got happy with ordering a bunch of these switches, but he never took the time to figure out how to connect using the fiber ports. He hooked up a fabric extender 2248 to a building and hooked up users computers, and I want to get that equipment out of there and back into the DC. My question is, how do I hook up this device to either another brocade or a Cisco 3560. If you can provide any help, that would be great!
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    Brocade switches working with cisco FEX? Didn't know that it was even possible lol

    Just configure the ports as regular switchports. When configuring an interface for connection to FEXes, you need to configure the fabric ports in a mode called "fex fabric". This config will prevent the port from coming up/up when connected to another switch.
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    Thanks d4nz1g,

    I am not actually trying to hook the Brocade to a FEX, but I am replacing the FEX with a Brocade. He was using the FEX as a user access switch. I have fiber running from ethernet 1/2/1 on the Brocade to G0/26 on a Cisco 3650, but I can't get the trunk to create. Would you happen to know how this is done?
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