new to board, sayin' hi + Q :)

MrDMrD Member Posts: 441
Looks like a pretty rock solid board. I take the network+ cert tomorrow, and am pretty confident. Been studying with the ExamCram book/study lab. Already A+ certed since 2000. In college for another year getting an AAS in computer networking technology. I'm trying to load up on certs while I'm in school so I can perhaps get a decent job right off. Definitely wanting emphasis on network administration and perhaps a slight veer off for security. I'll be taking the CCNA exam the end of fall semester (taking official Cisco classwork in school), so I'm thinking either Linux+, Security+, Server+, or MCP for xp/server2k3 next. Any thoughts/concerns? Looking forward to interacting with everyone here...

-Mr D.

P.S. reading through the posts I see the topic of ports consistently pop up. Are we talking about the basic 15ish or should I start cramming for the others?


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