Advice to pass CISSP 2015 Version

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Hello all,

So Im planning to take the CISSP Dec 5 2015. And I want to get a first time goicon_cheers.gif . My background is mainly military 25U where I did communications and automations. System, Network admin and Information Assurance Security Officer. Transitioned into a 35S Signal Intelligence Analyst and did a lot of cool things there at the NSA. I have had Sec+ and A+ for the last 4 years. and Now Im a Information Security Analyst in the private sector.

Advice I'm looking for what are the best study material out there i keep hearing that a lot of materials are crap so i want to get the truth from you guys i would prefer only the guys who have taken the actual 2015 test not any guess work. and to review my plan for studying. I have a Shon Harris Book fifth edition that I was looking through.

My plan
Read Shon Harris fifth Edition and conrad 11th hour second edition Between Sept 19-october 15th
Attend CISSP boot Camp with New horizon Oct-19-23
Insert Recommended study material from oct 24-Dec 5
Practice test Everyweek 250 questions a week.

Let me know what you think.
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    There is a new Sybex ISC2 endorsed study guide coming out a few days ago. Initial reviews on Amazon seem good. You may wish to take that into consideration as well.
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    Read the recent pass threads. You will find what you are looking for there. Or read one of the other 100 threads that ask this exact same question.
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    I purchased the new Sybex guide. I am only into the second chapter, but here are my thoughts:
    - Topic discussion begins at an entry level so there is no assumption of previous knowledge.
    - Concepts tend to be repeated a few times which you can view as wordy or helpful to better understand the material.
    - Very large book - just under 1000 pages.
    - Too many separate chapters (21)
    - Some new material compared to the Eric Conrad Study Guide (which I prefer thus far).
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    I really liked the new ISC2 guide v4, had alot of material on teh new subject matter in the revised domains.
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