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If someone is CCNA Certified, so which certs he/she should do after CCNA beside CCNP ?


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    Well, I'm personally going for MCSE on Windows Server 2003. Here's why:

    Even if I know Cisco networking (at a CCNA level) very well, there is always gonna be that guy who knows it just as well and has more experience. Since I'm in a position where I don't work with Cisco, this is not a good situation.

    So, If I get MCSE certified, maybe A+, and a little UNIX. I become a good all around "computer tech". It seems that employers are wanting more diversified skills. If they want a pure Cisco guy, they aren't gonna pick me!
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    Thanks for your suggestion. I think MCSA2003 is not bad either...

    If you are CCNA, MCSA, A+.. you rule..
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    How abt CCDP ?
    would that be useful ?
    heard from my friend, she said that if pass all the 4 exams for ccnp can take just one exam from ccdp and will be able to get the certification from ccdp, as ccdp and ccnp is almost the same.... can someone clarify... thanks a lot.... :)
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    If you are CCNP you need 2 exams to become CCDP: the CCDA and the CID exam.
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    I think MCSE in 2003 will be a good move in addition to CCNA and some of the "+ certs". Most companies want people who can do everything because they can't afford to keep people on staff who are an expert at one thing and only one thing. I was looking into 2003 a little but seems so new can't find good books on it, haven't even had a chance to try it out yet. My major problem is the number of tests that need to passed, that's a lot of money and trips to the test center just for Microsoft.

    Good luck on working your way towards Jack of all trades+ certification.

    I think it's a good move.
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    Always depend on your career path? What do you want in the next five yr?
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