Visual learning resources?

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So I took the Network+ 06 this past week, and unfortunately I was 70 points from passing. My biggest takeaway is that I had not prepared well enough for the visual questions.

I memorized terms and numbers but had a hard time working on any questions that relied on my knowledge of diagrams, implementation, or configurations. (I hope what I mentioned struggling on is not considered test specifics, as I use language here that the objectives use.)

Do you know of any resources that could help me with these visual aspects or hands-on type of learning? Puzzle games would be pretty rad.

I have the Network+ all in one exam guide and am currently rewatching my missed objectives on Professor Messer.

My background is not in networking or security, so I've come a long way and it's getting easier! I just need some good direction. Second time's the charm!


p.s. I suppose these stylized questions I'm referring to would also be known as Performance Based Questions.
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