MS 70-410.... Failed but score report now says that I've passed ???

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Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone has heard of this situation.

A few weeks back I sat my 70-410, first attempt, and failed (score 604). I then did a re-take the following week and failed again with around (636?)... I was quite dejected after that.

The administrator at the examination said I probably missed out by 3 questions after seeing my score report sheet. over that remaining week I downloaded that score report for reviewing.

It's now the 3rd week since I took the second shot that I did not pass, I was gearing up to review the area's I was weakest on so while at work today, I've come to download that second shot score report again and it's now displaying that I've actually passed??? even though my MS profile is displaying the exam status as actually failed.

I talked to the examination centre and they told me, although they didn't at the time, that score I saw straight afterwards was a preliminary and could change.

So, I called Microsoft and spoke to their regional service centre in the UK today, they also confirmed my exam status as still failed. I then went to Pearsonvue and they too have said the same thing although they'd like to see a screen shot of where it says, exam status failed and then my score report that says I've passed with the score of 720.

Even got an email from MS at the time saying

Thank you for taking Microsoft Certification exam 410. Although you did not pass this time, we are confident that Certification is well within your reach.

I'm trying not to get my hopes up here but it's really frustrating to have this happen, I've lost time as I took time out after the disappointment (I had planned to be well on my way by now towards an MCSA) and I lost an MS exam voucher that i did not use, it expired September 6th. again I wasn't focused because of the knock on effect of the previous result which could have been wrong and should have stated that I passed at the time which changes a lot for me...


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    Well, I still haven't had a email or verbal confirmation that I have actually passed although I was told I would, but my exam status for 411 has now been updated to Pass with a score of 720, I guess that is all that matters.

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    Interesting. I got a 682 on the 70-410 when I took it on the 30th.

    This morning I got that same email you did ("We are confident that Certification is well within your reach"). I am retaking the exam tomorrow but I sort of hope my first exam will somehow get changed to a pass lol.
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    Are you saying that your score can change after its been complete? I have never heard of this.
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