Looking for advice for CCNA 200-120

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Hello! I have passed the Cisco CCNA Academy and I am preparing for the 200-120 exam. What areas will the main focus be on? I am currently using Cisco Press's icnd1 and icnd2 cert guides to study. It came with software that has very useful practice questions that cover every area of icnd1 and 2. I would like to narrow down my studying to specific areas that will be stressed on the exam. Does anyone have pointers for me? Thanks!


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    Exactly what I was looking for! Thank you!
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    I'm taking the two exam route, so I can't comment on the 200-120. From what I've gathered from others, mastering subnetting is crucial. You should almost be able to subnet in your head. Practice practice practice.

    The other thing is time management. This was an issue for me when I recently took the ICND2 exam. I ran into a sim about 15 questions in that I spent way too long on because I completely blacked out on the commands. I ended up bombing the test because I ran out of time with about 5 questions left. The amount of time Cisco gives on their exams means you really have to know your stuff and not spend a long amount of time on any one question. This isn't to say to rush through it, just know when you've spent too long on a question and pick the best answer. Good luck!
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