Anyone else having problems getting a Welcome Pack ?????

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Anyone else having problems getting a Welcome Pack out of Microsoft ???

I passed my MCSA 2003 September 29th last year and requested the Welcome pack on the 30th, according to MS they have sent me 3 packs since then, none of which have arrived, it feels like I have emailed & spoken to everyone expect Bill and still no welcome pack, it has now been 21 weeks & counting.

I have received my MCP & MCDST packs previously, with no problems within the 8 weeks.

It certainly doesn't encourage me to spend the money, time & effort studying other MS certs if they can't get their sh*t together and send you the cert,etc.

A very unhappy & unwelcomed MCSA.


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    I passed the 70-290 on the 26th of November and I'm still waiting on that welcome pack. I only just passed the 70-291 on Friday just gone but the issue I have which I need to sort out is I have been registered under 2 different MCP ID's. So when I log into the VIP it only shows my 70-270 mark. I rang microsoft and I need to merge my 2 accounts so that I get accredited for all as you can only have 1 MCP ID. You could check that you haven't been registered under 2 ID's.
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    I also haven't received my MCSA wellcome kit, which I obtained at the end of last november. Word is their coming out with new welcome kits at the end of march, so I'm going to wait untill then to contact MS
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    Bmac000 wrote:
    You could check that you haven't been registered under 2 ID's.

    Thanks Bmac000, no I have checked that, all my exams are showing, as passed, under the same ID. The MCSA is listed on my ID but no welcome kit.

  • Ally77Ally77 Member Posts: 212
    I also suffered the same experience; i was registered under two MCP ID's which prevented my proper results from being log and from succesfully requesting a welcome pack! Surely these errors are jus too frequent, the level of service is not what id come to expect!! icon_eek.gif
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    yeah I think my 2 MCP accounts were created when I went to sit an exam not at my normal testing centre and with a surname of McDonald, I'm tipping there's quite a few of us on the database and I just got mixed up with someone else and no worries KiwiBJ mate (thats from an Aussie to a Kiwi)
    Anyway its all sorted now took 2 days to merge the accounts but I'm hopefully going to have my MCSA in 4 weeks so I will probably have the same problems as you guys. You pay enough money for this Cert so you damn well want the Welcome pack that comes with it.
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