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Blue patch cord can be used for Single mode SFP
Orange/ Green patch cord can be used for multi mode SFP.

I heard that there is an exception but that the speed will be lower.
Which is it?


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    late_collisionlate_collision Member Posts: 146
    I'm somewhat new to fiber myself, so this could be an interesting topic.

    Orange/Aqua colored jackets are typically found on Multi-mode fiber. Multi-mode operates at 850nm or 1300nm, with the Aqua cable being optimized for the 850nm wavelength.

    Yellow colored jackets is typically found on Single-mode fiber. Single-mode typically operates at 1310nm and in between up to around 1550nm.

    Given the close wavelength of 1300nm and 1310nm, I think Orange is probably the fiber you are thinking of.

    There is a blue colored jacket Single-mode fiber, but I understand it to be somewhat rare.

    More Info:
    Fiber Optic Cable Color Codes
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    theodoxatheodoxa Member Posts: 1,340 ■■■■□□□□□□
    Interesting, I wasn't aware that the colors meant anything. That is good to know as I had always just gone by the core size, OM rating, and connectors when buying for my lab. I am using orange cables and they work with the 1000Base-SX (SFP-GE-S) SFPs.
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    OfWolfAndManOfWolfAndMan Member Posts: 923 ■■■■□□□□□□
    Orange and gray are the most common I see. They are typically 62.5 micron which is the common standard for multimode. The aqua you mentioned is probably 50 micron which theoretically has greater throughput and a better distance. All mm SFPs should be able to support either. 1Gb-SX is most commonly used on edge closets. If you need 10 gig on edge closets, then that story is a little different.

    If you have multimode ran to a closet with a distance greater than 33m, then you have two options: You can use 10Gb-SR with 50 micron, which I think can stretch up to about 200m. Or you can use multimode conditioned patch cords (they have a single SM connector on the end and a single mm connector) and can run 10Gb-LRM and it will work for a decent distance as well.
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