Help me choose between a networking course and self infosec study at home.

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Hi guys i have a bit of a decision to make im finishing my diploma (im Australian mate) of networking atm and have the option to go onto advanced diploma which consists entirely of the CCNA(voice, wireless, security) and CCNP(route,tshoot,switch) curriculum.

There is a fair bit of pressure to continue with everyone else onto the adv dip as finding a job is no easy task. However my plan was to find work and really study for certs like security+ perhaps GSEC but ultimately studying towards OSCP.
My job plan atm is to get a job as a pentester but im happy to work in networking/systems/helpdesk or a low level infosec role for a little while just so i can have a job and some money.

The adv dip is only for 6 months but nonetheless still time and money on certifications which might not be worth it.

Would the cisco certs benefit me in anyway at all going for a pentest job?

Any discussion, questions or answers will really help! THANKS!


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    I would recommend going the networking route and then branch off into pentesting. Having an overall view of how networks function and perform will assist you in a role as a pentester. Plus, those Cisco certs have good return on investment so you can't really lose.
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