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Sorry everyone this is my first time looking into a IT certification.

I am confused by what are the costs of competing the certification. I assume you pay for the exam and study material? is that all?


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    Just whatever you need to study with, and then the exam. Some people will use just a book, some use multiple books, some use videos, some use practice tests, some use online courses, some attend training courses. Some brave people will do exams 'cold' just based on whatever experience they have already. You use whatever mix works for you.
    You can usually also get a discount code for 10% or more off the cost of the exam. Sometimes a book or course will come with a discount code for the exam.

    Some certifications expire. I don't think that the Server+ currently expires.

    You can usually recertify by either passing the exam again, engaging in continuing education activities, or gaining a higher level certification. If you choose to resit the exam, you have to pay for the exam again. If you choose to the continuing education path, then you need to pay an annual maintenance fee.
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