Lammle CCNA R&S Deluxe Study Guide Chapter 6 Review Question help

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I'm using the deluxe study guide, no mention of an edition that I can see. I've Google'd errata and found some but not regarding this particular query. On page 278 question 3 in the chapter 6 review questions it reads as follows:

3. Which two of the following commands are required when configuring SSH on your router? (Choose two.)

A. enable secret password
B. exec-timeout 0 0
C. ip domain-name name
D. username name password password
E. ip ssh version 2

Twice I've gone through the review questions, twice I've picked the same answers of C and E, and twice I've been wrong as apparently it's C and D.

Am I not correct in believing that for SSH to work an IP address and domain name must be set (hence C being one of the answers) and that it's enabled using the command in E. I must have read somewhere you can use "no username <username>" to disable the requirement for a username (albeit seriously bad practice) in which case D would not necessarily be required right? Or at least C, D and E are the correct answers?

Confused! Garry


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    Hi Gary,

    While it is best practice to use SSH Version 2, it is not required.

    Consider this from the following link:
    This documentation has been moved - Secure Shell Version 2 Support [Support] - Cisco
    The configuration for the SSH Version 2 server is similar to the configuration for SSH Version 1. The ip ssh version command was introduced so that you may define which version of SSH to configure. If you do not configure this command, SSH by default runs in compatibility mode; that is, both SSH Version 1 and SSH Version 2 connections are honored.
  • GDainesGDaines Posts: 266Member
    Hi Gary,

    While it is best practice to use SSH Version 2, it is not required.

    Ah, now I've got my head around it, thanks.

    A domain name is required (C). A username is required (D). SSH does not necessarily need to be SSH2 so E is a valid command, but is optional as SSH will work without it.
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    Reading the question first time around I picked C + D, you dont require "ip ssh version 2" to make it work this just tells the router that you just want to use version 2 only. Thats my read of it anyway, ill have to read more about your point on D but Ive always configured it with a username and password.
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