Lammle CCNA R&S Deluxe Study Guide Chapter 6 Review Question help

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I'm using the deluxe study guide, no mention of an edition that I can see. I've Google'd errata and found some but not regarding this particular query. On page 278 question 3 in the chapter 6 review questions it reads as follows:

3. Which two of the following commands are required when configuring SSH on your router? (Choose two.)

A. enable secret password
B. exec-timeout 0 0
C. ip domain-name name
D. username name password password
E. ip ssh version 2

Twice I've gone through the review questions, twice I've picked the same answers of C and E, and twice I've been wrong as apparently it's C and D.

Am I not correct in believing that for SSH to work an IP address and domain name must be set (hence C being one of the answers) and that it's enabled using the command in E. I must have read somewhere you can use "no username <username>" to disable the requirement for a username (albeit seriously bad practice) in which case D would not necessarily be required right? Or at least C, D and E are the correct answers?

Confused! Garry


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