Potential Opportunity Question

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Im currently working at an MSP, so one could imagine long hours , low pay, on call like all the time and no down time. Im considered a "L2 Helpdesk" but im not doing anything really exciting like Switch/Server/vmware configs or anything. Mostly Political stuff and now we just got dumped with a million more responsibilities including a "Mandatory Rotating monthly field engineering" meaning there will be a rotation on being a field engineer.

I have been really fed up with with this job and I have been here for 1 year , got my BS IT from WGU and VCP5. Im looking for jobs but all vmware jobs require like 6+ years experience in everything and the south Florida market sucks for I.T. unless you know the right person.

I have a potential position that came my way for a very large company working as a Tier 3 Helpdesk. Sadly, it is a contract position with a recruiting agency. There is no time limit to the contract just as long as the company needs us. It will be much less work then I currently do now and I will have a lot of downtime with no on-site work or on call and I can work a better schedule. Unfortunately I wont have any benefits or overtime pay (just normal hourly pay) or anything. I will not get more experience in anything other then some AD and basic networking (that I know of , interview is next Tuesday). I will be working in with the National I.T. Support team so I assume there will be more teams there like networking/virtualization/security and I might be able to get good with them.

My thing is that I can move into this role and finish up my CCNA/CCNA Sec , MAYBE MCSA but only because everyone and their mom wants to see that on a resume in south florida. But i will be risking some potential experience time from my current position, (which i barely get anyway but will look better on a resume).

If I lose my job I will be fine as I have financial support, im just looking into the right position to set me up for the future. I barely have time to study now and am always exhausted cause im working 50+ hours a week and this specific MSP is going crazy with new responsibilities thrown at everyone everyday.

Just wondering if anyone has ever moved from a full time to a contract (looks like a safe contract) with less responsibilities just to get a small bump in pay, and have more time for certing up?

It wont be a lateral move, more just like a neutral move in my eyes.

Anyone, any insight would help.

Thanks all


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