Failed with 756!!

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Hi everyone, after a crippling defeat against my Security+ exam i came searching for advice from people who had tred this path before me, stumbled onto this site and found a wealth of useful and practical information, its weird how you have to fail before you come looking.

Anyway, got within a few points of passing and to be honest theres no worse a feeling in the world when you see the result pop up and you know youve wasted alot of time effort and money to be 1 or 2 questions away.(there might be worse feelings, death, disease, end of the world etc YKWIM)

I have been using the testout program, and nothing else, i thought it would have covered everything. I was mistaken, as useful and user friendly as the testout material is they didnt cover a portion of the questions that was asked.

I have since found this site and the tech notes provided by the humble administrator, big up to you who ever you are, i know your watching us from your big thrown in your glowing white IT room somewhere in the clouds above, sporting your halo slightly to one side.

I am going to work through my weakest section and through my new books freshly ordered from amazon. And retake it again, can any body out there give me any specific advice about which questions are most frequent and which areas demand most attention.

Personally my weakest area is cryptography, i have no real life expereince i can relate most of this stuff to, and when your brain cant make that connection it all just goes blurry.

Thankyou everyone :D


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    Get a cryptography book for your weak area and check out the Syngress Security+ book, it worked for me :D
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    cairtakercairtaker Member Posts: 140
    What is the testout program, can provide a link to material?


    I picked up:
    Syngress Security+
    FastPass (I have my doubts about this one)
    Security+ for dummies (you's be surprised at what you can learn in these babies just when you think you got it, you find a little more)

    I took a few days off after network+ and will start with the dummies book on thurs as my quest for the security+ begins icon_eek.gif
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    mboyceymboycey Member Posts: 8 ■□□□□□□□□□
    The testout program is a fully interactive learning tool, and if your starting from scratch its a very useful peice of software.

    Each exam comes on a cd rom, you install it and work through the chapters on the testout program, each modul has video tutorials, screen tutorials, simulations and finally test exams.

    I have passed a few of the Microsoft exams using these disks and think they are wonderful it was just the security+ which in my opinion was missing a few areas that i then found on the test.

    You can buy the material from the offical testout webpage (www.testout.com)

    if you dont fancy paying the thousands of dollars them, Hypothetically you can go to a torrent website for example http://thepiratebay.org and do a search for testout icon_wink.gif
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    cairtakercairtaker Member Posts: 140
    Thanks for the tip.. :)
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