CCNA Wireless Exam - 640-722 vs. 200-355

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Neither of these exams seem to be very popular (from what I can tell) despite the ever growing presence of and dependence on wireless in our every day lives. I was wondering why.

That said, I see that exam 640-722 is set to be retired in December and I wanted to know if anyone had any information or opinion on that exam versus the 200-335 exam. The latter is not being retired so would it be worth the effort to try and pass 640-722 before 12/14/15 or just wait and go for 200-355 (assuming I don't ditch the whole thing and go for a CWNP certification instead).

I see the difference in subject matter via the exam descriptions but people who have actually taken the exams can usually shed light on it that a description cannot. Thanks in advance.



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    I'm not sure why CCNA Wireless doesn't seem to be very popular either. I find it much more interesting than routing & switching.

    In any case, I'm aiming to take the 640-722 before December 14th (last day to test) as I already have the book. Too many unknowns for new exams. But if for some reason I fail, then I'll have to migrate to studying for the new one...either that, or give up...which is always an option.
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    i might take it to renew my CCNA, not sure I'm ready for CCNP level, but don't want my CCNA to expire
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    The CCNA Wireless training seems to be great for getting wireless (RF) fundamentals down. However, the industry seems to be moving towards vendors such as Aruba for enterprise wireless.
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    Cisco's website says December 14th is the last day to test, but the local Pearson VUE center has December 15th available as a test date. Is it safe to take it on the 15th?
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