Passed CISSP today

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Happy to announce that I passed the CISSP examination today morning icon_cheers.gif. Will post the details soon.
I am thankful to everyone who inspired, boosted moral by sharing your experiences , valuable insights along with resources.
Time to celebrate moment with family after the 6 hours of battle which I survived.


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    Congratulations! I heard it's a very tough test and I hope to slay this dragon soon too. Good job!
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    Congratulations ....enjoy

    Could you please let me know like how we can compare the exam questions with Shon Harris questions in book or web site or total tester?

    Same questions won't come. But difficulty level or phrasing wise.

  • dvditdvdit Member Posts: 25 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Congrats! I am planning to take the exam early next year. Looking forward to some details soon!
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    Nice work. Im on the journey now myself. 90 days from 10/1 is my goal.
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    Congrats. Looking forward to read the details.
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