Global Knowledge's 18 Certifications Worth Having?

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Got this in a generic marketing email, thought I'd pass it along

18 Certifications Worth Having - IT Certifications and Business Certifications from Global Knowledge

New ones I didn't recognize and have never heard anything about are:

Registered Health Information Administrator (RHIA)
GRC Professional (GRCP)

Any thoughts on those two?

Also need to take these with a grain of salt as Global Knowledge is a training company and would no doubt love to sell you a training package for any of those. Just passing it along for anybody who's interested.


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    I have to start by calling BS on the CHFI. Putting aside that this is the most outdated exam I've seen in my life, virtually no employee asks for this. Every time I see in a posting its usually in a laundry list of 10+ certs. In those cases it's obvious they want someone certified in whatever.

    I am aware of the RHIA only because my wife is in the medical field and an acquaintance of hers asked me about it one time. From my reearch it seemed to cover a lot of medical coding, legal and regulatory stuff (HIPPAA, medicare), and claims reimbursement aspects. I've seen it pop up in the job boards nut never for a highly technical role, mostly for privacy manager or records management type roles.
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    Tom's IT Pro has an article on Governance certifications, which GRCP is one of. It's last on their list, for what that's worth.

    Looking at their list, I am assuming that it is not ranked at all. PMP and CAPM only differ in the experience and education requirements, the exam is the same.
    It's also a bit of mishmash. They have governance certs and security certs and technology certs and project management. Many of the usual suspects, but a few (like the two you mention) that seem to have lower profiles. And they're at a whole range of levels. A+ and ITIL Expert on the same list?

    Yeah, seems like an interesting overview of a few, but not a great article.
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