Serial point to point connections question?

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Hi, can someone please explain to me how serial point to point connections work or can someone verify that I have gotten this correct and what I have got incorrect?
So, you have a router at both ends that are the DTE and they connect to the DCE modem that specifies the clock rate that needs to be the same. The routers are configured with serial interfaces that have private ips on them, the interfaces are configured with either PPP or HDLC at both ends and they communicate over the line.
Okay what I DON'T get is HOW they communicate with a private ip over the line? How does the isp route with these private ips? I cannot wrap my head around it.

Thanks for the help with this.


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    A point-to-point connection is a direct link. There is no routing on the ISP's side as there is only one possible next hop -- the other end of the point-to-point link. Think of a Point to Point connection as just one long cable connecting the routers at 2 sites.
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