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Guys, want to ask for your help regarding switching.

I have 3 host (A,B,C) connected to a switch then this switch is connected to a RouterA.

Router A connected to RouterB with one switch. Under the switch I have 3 host again. DEF. And also I forgot one server is in my switch which resides on RouterB.

So here's my big ?.

1. user Host F issue a arp request that he wants to communicate to the server. What will be the next scenario after host f issue the above request?
2. If host F successfully rec. the request and send it to routerA what will be the information or I mean the source and destination address of the packet?
3. If routerB rec. the request coming from routerA, routerB will encap this request and what will be the source and destination.

Just want to clear my head reg. encap. or the data flow under this network.



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