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So for fun I'm want to learn how to develop an app for my iPhone and came across the site teamtreehouse.com. I definitely recommend anyone interested learning how to program an app, or learn python, or java, or anything... to take a look at it.

Probably the clearest and easiest to understand site I've used for learning anything! There is a 14 day free trial (although you need to enter your CC in...hate when websites do this icon_rolleyes.gif). But I definitely plan on using more and the basic plan is only $25 a month. There is a premium plan for $50 that gives "bonus content". I actually have no idea what the bonus content is right now so can't comment on that.

Here is link that would give me referrals if you decided to join: http://referrals.trhou.se/michaelweaver2

Disclaimer: I get a free subscription if 5 people use my referral. I really don't really care if you use it or not... its only $25 a month. But just wanted to share this site. I'm using it learn Swift right now and it makes it extremely easy to understand and learn it even if you don't know anything about coding.
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