It's my turn....passed CISSP today

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Wow....what a relief! It took 6 weeks of preparation and today I cleared my exam in Bangalore, India. My background, I come with 13+ years of varied experience in infrastructure and information security domains.

Prep materials:
same as others have shared (Shon Harris aio 6th version, Eric Conrad 11th hour 2nd edition) and additionally used cccure training cbt videos. I found it quite helpful, it was paid subscription for a month and was good material. Also, Kelly's video from was extremely helpful towards the end.

Exam experience:
as others have shared, underwent initial ISC2 signup procedures at test venue. Took about 3.5 hrs to complete the exam. Test questions very varied and had around 3-4 situation based questions. Throughout wasn't ever sure if would pass or fail....had pendulum swing either ways strongly. Like some one posted in earlier posts, none of the practice tests came close to what real exam was (I used paid subscription, and other online tests). The exam really tests what you know about a particular domain and you have to be a consultant in the exam to answer these questions comfortably. Overall was delighted to see Congratulations! Message when my results were printed and shared.

This is forum has been an excellent source and thank all the members for their experiences shared here. Good luck to all aspirants who are taking exam in near future. Now, off to getting my endorsement process initiated.


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