Take the Exam tuesday Feb 28th.

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Im a first time poster. I have been hagning out here for a few dyas and taking the practice exams and reading. I feel i have slacked off in a few depts mainly Ipsec, kerberos, and Acronyms. I am craming all day today to pass tommorrow.

I would like to thank all the ppl here for the postings and exams which i hope will help out.

My main focus of study have been on OSI, Ports, Topologies, Security, and network implementation. Any suggestions on what i am missing to help study today?

Thanks in advanced.

Also i have noticed i can pass some exams on some site with ease and other sites just stump me (some questions on ****.com).. cause they come up with wild questions. Should i worry about these stumping sites? or be confident i can pass most practice exams?


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    pay maximum attention on various troubleshooting scenarios... Taking lots of practice tests is a nice way of gauging how well u r prepared for the real exam...
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    I agree, pay lots of attention to troubleshooting.
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    How about cabling?? i seem to fall short on memorizing the different lengths and specifics. Is this something i should put more focus in?
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    I am taking this exam very soon, probably early next week depending on how much studying I get done this week/weekend. So I will be interested to hear your thoughts on the exam. I think I am in pretty good shape, I got most of my ports memorized, got the OSI down, am pretty good with cable standards/topologies and am very good with troubleshooting questions on the practice tests I take. I am scoring consist 85-90% on the transcender test I have been using, and that’s not just because I have memorized the answers.
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    Transcender test? Whats that?
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    Ok, I actually took the Comptia Network+ N10-003 test today, and passed. There are a few off the wall questions, I suggest knowing your radio antenaes... I don't know what that has to do with anything, but it was on the test...
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    Trancender is considered by many to be the top practice exam maker. I also like Self-Test Software. (www.selftestsoftware.com) Both are excellent replicas of what the real test usually feels like.

    If you know your OSI layers, the cable lengths/ topologies and troubleshooting you should be fine. You might brush up on wireless ans security basics though.
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    i used to have the Selftestsoftware Practice exam for the old Network+ exam.. dont have the new one tho.

  • l1ftedl1fted Member Posts: 8 ■□□□□□□□□□
    almost 11pm.. still cramming for the test tmw.. Thanks again for the help all.
  • l1ftedl1fted Member Posts: 8 ■□□□□□□□□□
    After all that cramming.. I finally Passed. i am happy.

    I used this board and MCMCSE for testing. I also got ahold of CBT Nuggets & VTC Network + guides. Each of some help.

    i really like Sybex Network + book and used it also.

    Thanks alot to some of the suggestions from here and input.

    I am not sure which direction to take from here.. but i will be sorting that soon i hope..
  • Matt_SmiMatt_Smi Member Posts: 111 ■■■□□□□□□□
    Good job! Did you test seem to focus mostly on what others are saying, troublshooting, ports, OSI, ect? Or did you get some odd questions?
  • janmikejanmike Member Posts: 3,076
    Congrats on the pass!
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  • l1ftedl1fted Member Posts: 8 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Matt_Smi wrote:
    Good job! Did you test seem to focus mostly on what others are saying, troublshooting, ports, OSI, ect? Or did you get some odd questions?

    My test was mainly focused on troubleshooting questions.. very little port questions.. and some OSI questions.
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