Anyone found any material for this?

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I am contemplating taking this Microsoft Specialist exam. Has anyone taken it? Has anyone found materials for studying?


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    Have you attempted to drill into the OS and simply work through the settings and such?

    Desktop exams tend to be fairly straightforward taskwise from edition to edition. i.e. one will need to know how to troubleshoot device/driver type issues, setup network connections, various settings. If you are not finding anything in text format yet, I'd essentially create my own from a typical install to setup of a user.
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    Hey man,

    There's a couple courses on Pluralsight and Microsoft Virtual Academy.
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    I'm interested in this too. Pluralsight, MVA, and a few very expensive instructor-led training programs is all I can find so far. Might have to wait for winter?
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    CBT Nuggets are in progress of doing a 40 video course for 70-697. They have completed 37 out of the 40 videos. That site helped me pass 70-687 and I am currently doing 70-680. When I have that done I will do the Windows 10 course. James Conrad is the instructor and he did a great job for 70-687. Goes into plenty of detail.
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    Looks like the Windows 10 Exam books are on Amazon now for Pre-Order. There is also an "Inside Out Windows 10" book.
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  • CertifiedMonkeyCertifiedMonkey Member Posts: 172 ■■□□□□□□□□ has a Windows 10 playlist. Not sure how complete it is but it has 15 hours of content so far.
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    The Exam Ref 70-697 Configuring Windows Devices book has been released, both print & eBook formats available
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    Thanks for the information niles312
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    I've been using the material, happy with it but hard to judge its effectiveness yet. On my second run of the videos and this time I'm taking notes. I've ordered the official book too, should arrive here in a few days. Once I'm through that I'll let you guys know how it is.

    I've also looked into practise exams. MeasureUp are doing them, but Transcender said it's not on their list of priorities.
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    Any feedback Chrome?

    Sorry about the necro thread.
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    4chib4ld wrote: »
    Any feedback Chrome?

    Sorry about the necro thread.

    Typical Christmas delayed revision and now money stops me wanting to book the exam. Will get back into study this week. From what I've read so far of the book it's very good. ITProTV is good but you will need to take notes and watch twice to suck it in. I'm half way though my second watch and a few chapters into the book.
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    MeasureUp now have the 70-697 practice exam available. I much prefer the Transcender style but if they aren't doing one then MeasureUp will have to do. I purchased the MeasureUp test for 70-687 (Windows 8.1) and the questions were horrendously difficult. The real exam seemed much easier for me.
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