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hello to all! (my first post)

very nice source of info - thank you for making this available techXams!
I plowed through lots of "Passed" posts, with tons of good pointers and information (which definitely, will give me solid base to start).

I have a question in regards practice exam questions as supplementary material, as Ive noticed that this subject is not that popular.
can someone experienced suggest which out of these are worth (or the best) to look at: pass(four)sure, tes(t)king, transcender or perhaps something else. that I missed.

thank you,


  • EburonEburon Member Posts: 29 ■□□□□□□□□□ aka CCCure quiz pool is very respected in the community, but contrary to its name it is not for free (starting from 50 USD per month). It contains questions from the "new" domains, and the questions are peer-reviewed and continually updated. I am also using Transcender, but the questions are fairly comparable with those from CCCure, and it will relieve your dear wallet for at least another 100 USD.
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    thanks Eburon! I very much appreciate your comment.. Ive heard that name before (CCCure) - I will give it a closer look now. So far I got myself official ISC2 study guide 7th edition book... official Guide to CISSP 4th edition is on its way. On top of that I got some other materials from my buddy - but its from before the course refresh. I still think it will have some value.. with interactive practice exams etc.
    ..and I know, it will cost some $$ .. (no problem) as nothing in life is free anyways ;) ..Im after getting some good material, so I dont have to waist my time.

    proost! :)
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