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I've been looking for a new job since I've stayed for a computer retail store as technician for over six months. Before that I was quite aware that I lacked experience, but now after sending many many cvs for level 1 tech support, I haven't even got any phone calls. That's even worse that before I started to work for the retail store. Before the store, I could at least get some calls for phone interviews. Really really confused and frustrated, what should I do? Get more certs? CCENT and mayby some server certs?


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    I would say your first order of business should be to have someone review your resume.
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    Agreed. Post it here (sans personal info) and we'll be see if we can spot any problems.
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    What do you do to get an interview? You apply for a job, usually sending a resume and cover letter. So, where could the problems be?
    Applying for the wrong kind of jobs?
    Bad cover letters?
    Bad resume?
    Getting more certifications might add something to your resume, but if there's other problems, you might still not get calls for interview.

    What are the requirements for the jobs you are applying for? Do you have all of them? Are they all addressed in your cover letter and resume?
    Get someone to review your resume.
    Get someone to review your cover letters.
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