Anyone ever worked for World IT Solutions?

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So my wife and I would like to move to Okinawa Japan as she has family there. I've been looking at jobs and I always see IT positions going through this company but not too many reviews online on how it is working for them. The ones I have found complain about the contracts sometimes ending early but usually for pc replacement jobs which kind of makes sense. Anyone have any experience with them? Pros or cons?


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    I have never worked for them, but know friends that have. Most positions they were peddling then (2010ish) were help desk for USN/USMC, which is similar to the IT Specialist job you have posted. The usual complaints applied: low pay, mostly overnight shifts for new hires and lack of mobility within the contract.

    I will give you a heads up that the IT Specialist role that they are advertising can be one of several jobs. Help Desk, Desktop Support or Network support. When the USMC started the NGEN contract, which is run by HP, the IT specialist was their catch-all job posting. So, I would highly suggest pressuring the recruiter to tell you exactly which job you will be falling into. Since you have the CCNA, I would guess that is what you are leaning towards, but be aware you could end up on help desk or Desktop repair. Also, desktop repair/network support will require you to have your own POV to get around on base. Ask if they will be reimbursing mileage, but most subcontractors won't even though it is built into the contract for HP employees.

    And again, you would be a subcontractor for HP, which is worse than being an employee of HP these days. Don't ask me how I know.

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    Thanks for the reply! Yeah, I'd prefer staying in networking. I'll see what the recruiter says. Doesn't sound too promising though and I'd really prefer to avoid over night shifts. I've got two other options, getting a fed job and trying to transfer in a few years (seems tough to pull off) or just trying to get there through the Jet program and teach English for a few years. We'll see how it pans out!
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    Glad I could help. Definitely check on the job role and get it in writing what you are being hired for. I'd hate to see you move out there and find out you're doing help desk. The other thing to keep in mind is that these contracts are always changing and every year they will need to replace those lost from attrition and also fill new roles. So, getting placed and working hard will give you an inside track for when the mid to senior positions are filled.

    Good luck!
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