Need opinion/ideas of someone in networking (experienced)

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I've just started to approach second year of uni and we're expected to look into project ideas for the upcoming semester, can be related to anything (ideally in my case networking)

As suggested by lecturer would be worth contacting those highly experienced in the industry to find out problems etc. (Here was the best place I could think of) where improvements can be made. Ideally solved by programming/CLI related?

As above, does anyone have any networking issues that they come across and find common throughout networking? (Not asking for solutions, just problems.. Hopefully mid-large scale problems

My current idea is refitting one of the university usability labs at university, though I have little detail on the lab itself. (Irrelevant somewhat)

Thanks! :)


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    Lack of documentation is one of the biggest issues I've come across...
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    By far the biggest issue I've seen through out my career is standardization and automation to enforce those standards.
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    Networking and programming? Just take any of the problems SDN solves and you should have plenty to work with.
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    The main thing I'm thinking now is a script to connect to different network devices and be able to execute configuration commands quickly. If you need to change the banner for let's say compliance reasons to 300 devices, a quick automated tool will do wonders. You can replace that issue to anything the devices share in common such as backups, time, dns, changing passwords, snmp settings, adding some specific user, etc.
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    My thoughts exactly Christian. Develop good networking standards and then automate the push of them. Next step is to audit them for compliance and repush for remediation as needed. Someone screw up a VTY ACL? You should automatically be made aware of this and have an option to remedy it in an automated fashion. Turn up new switchports everyday? Automate it.

    I've actually been working towards this in production environments through both commercial products and in house development for about the past 5 years. It's certainly not easy in a large scale network with many land mines, but it would be an excellent project.
    An expert is a man who has made all the mistakes which can be made.
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