Print v Manage Documents permission question

I have done some practice tests and have come across different answers.

To be able to manage your own print jobs what permission do you need?

I thought the answer would be Print Permission.
In a cram master practice exam that exact question had the answer as Manage Documents. I though the permission manage documents allowed you to manage all users documents.
Can some one verify that the answer to this is Print permission.


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    seuss_ssuesseuss_ssues Member Posts: 629
    There is a wealth of information on this website, be sure and read the technotes.

    This is from the 70-270 printing technote

    Print Allows users to connect to the printer, and print and manage their own print jobs. This is the default permission assigned to the Everyone group.

    Manage Documents Allows a user to print and manage their own print job as well as other users' print jobs. This includes pausing, restarting and removing print jobs from the print queue.

    Manage Printers Allows a user to configure and remove the printer, share the printer and set permissions for the Printer, in addition to all task allowed by Manage Documents. Administrators and Power Users have Manage Printer permission by default.
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