70-687 Pass

SWtacomaSWtacoma Member Posts: 37 ■■□□□□□□□□
I took the 70-687 Windows 8.1 exam today and passed with a 775. The exam was easier than I expected. The score is not great but a pass is a pass. Work wanted me to get this MCSA but I didn't realize the exams were being retired so soon. I am going to immediately start studying for the 70-688 and hopefully test mid November.

I watched the Windows 8.1 videos on CBT nuggets once. I read the 70-687 book by Jodi Bellew one and a half times. I used the tests provided by CBT a few times. I installed Windows 8.1 a couple times in VMware. I work with desktop and server operating systems in a domain environment every day so a lot of this material is somewhat embedded in my head. I think that made it a little easier.

Any questions that won't break NDA are welcome. I know a few of you are working towards the deadline for this cert as well...


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