UCertify enough for Linux plus?

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Hey guys, I'm in WGU and wondering if anyone has taken the new Linux exam just using WGU materials, specifically Ucertify? I'm not looking to master Linux at this point, just want to pass the certs. Let me know what you think!

Edit: Well I'm taking the test Friday so I'll let you guys know!


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    noahp34 wrote: »
    Edit: Well I'm taking the test Friday so I'll let you guys know!

    Good luck! You got this!
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    I took the test and passed. I got a 680. I used Ucertify, Skillsoft, and practice test from Total tester. It was pretty rough, especially all the fill in the blank questions, but doable with just the WGU material. I had zero Linux experience going into it and spent 4 weeks of study with half a week of practice tests. On to part 2!
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    Thanks for the update and information, Noah. My next class is the linux class and I want to try to get both of them squeezed into one term. If it only took you four weeks to get the first one out of the way with no linux background, that's good news. I've got a fairly strong linux server background, just never had the interest in certifying for linux.

    Please come back and let us all know how the second half of the test went.
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    2nd test passed! Felt a little easier than the first and I was ready for the fill in the blank questions this time. I used the same methods as above. Scored a 750.
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    Congrats @noahp34 !

    I have to go through Part 1 and Part 2 in less than 3 months. Do you think it'll be doable? I did the pre-assessment for part 1 and got an abysmal 30%. I'm worried.
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    From what I've seen the uCertify materials are kinda lame. But nonetheless, using one resource alone is never enough.

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    Congrats!! icon_cheers.gif
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    Thanks guys!

    @Joemysterio Less than 3 months is very doable. If you're part of WGU, do all the ucertify material including the lab questions they have and make sure you know it instead of just memorizing it, which is a problem I have. I will take a practice test and the 2nd time I take it I practically have the answer memorized. I had to go back and study the questions I originally missed. The fill in the blanks aren't anything too difficult, very basic stuff, just be ready for them. Also, look at the skillsoft tests as well. I narrowly passed part 1, did better on part 2. Good luck!
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