GSEC Advice Needed!!

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Hello all-

I recently signed up for the SANS GSEC 401 cert. I will be attending the bootcamp in a few weeks. I am very new to the security field. I am currently studying some chapters from the CISSP book that are similar to the topics listed for the cert.

Does anyone have any advice on how I should approach studying and learning the material? I was planning on spending about 2 weeks per book and preparing the index as I read through the material. That will give me a month at the end to take the 2 practice tests and improve my weak areas.

As for my index, I'm planning on having 4 columns, 1. term/concept 2.book 3.page # 4. definition. I also plan on making it very detailed-meaning including all definitions and key concepts. I'm worried that it'll be too long? I don't want to rely on it too much.

Also, is the 5 hours enough to answer all questions and verify each question using the index?

Any advice would be apprecaited! Thanks!


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    With the test, I think is 160 questions. Do the math. How many minutes is that per question?

    i think your process on index sounds good.
    i like putting tabs to separate each section of books so that makes it quicker to find each section.
    I like to highlight in book. I also underline and make notes in books. I like using different colors.

    when you say boot camp, I'm assuming you are taking sans class. Even though expensive you should enjoy course as there is tons of information covered.

    note you won't have time to look up every question or you will run out of time.

    enjoy and best of luck!!!!
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    The exam is 180 questions. If you follow your plan and focus in understanding the concepts and not just memorizing the key terms and definitions you will do fine. You can not look up every question, there is not enough time. Plus many of the questions are not just facts that you can look up in the book. You must understand the concepts and apply it to select the correct answer.

    With that said if you spend as much time studying as you have planned, you should do great.

    I spent 3 weeks following the boot camp and studied about 4 hrs per day and took the exam last week scoring a 92%. I also created an index that was about 130 pages. But was extremely detailed and did not need to use the 6 SANs books.
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    You should be in pretty good shape if you are taking the SANS SEC401 class.

    Make sure you are going into the class everyday at 100% well rested and able focus on the content, don't get distracted or go out during the evenings. Take really good notes and highlight subjects in your book as you go.

    When you are finished with the class, start making on your index right away and don't wait the week+ or so for the rest of your material to show up. Take the first practice with all the answers turned on, screenshot the questions & answers, revise your index, rinse and repeat with the second.
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    Are you taking the boot camp with Dr. Eric Cole? If so, you will learn so much!

    Small bit of advice: When taking your practice exams, choose the option that allows you to view all explanations, whether your answer is right or wrong.
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