How in salary will a ccnp cert offers over a ccna

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Hello I currently have my CCNA that I just receive as of the first of last month of august. I have other certs beside ccna like for example. sec + net + and ITILFV3.I know that I am marketable right now as we speak in the IT field. But as a network admin now currently pursuing to be an network engineer. How much of an increase will I receive in salary once I retain my CCNP.Will I be more marketable or should I go after ccna security.


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    How much experience do you have in the field?

    Certs mean nothing unless you have the experience to back them up. If you think being a cert warrior will get you a 6 figure salary you're in for a big shock!

    Certs will only get you in the door. The rest will be up to how your interview goes.

    So how long have you been in networking?
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    There are a lot of factors that play into this.

    -Do you currently have a job in networking and/or use these skills in your daily duties?
    -Are you efficient in applying theory and book skills to real life situations?
    -If you are currently residing in a low income town and you find someone offers you a job in a larger city with a general higher COL, will you be willing to relocate?
    -Can you retain the theory you learned (Especially subnetting) when getting and interview and/or on the job?
    -Are you willing to work over 40 hours some weeks and/or accept working an on-call rotation?
    -Is routing and switching the "hot" thing in your area right now?

    If you answered yes to any of these questions, for each one you did, that will most likely increase your likelihood of increase in pay. For every technology in the networking realm you have touched (MPLS, DMVPN, Nexus, WLAN, etc), I'm not going to say it's necessarily going to get you a pay increase (Although it's more likely), but it gives you a broader base if you want to specialize in the future.
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    That depends on what job you get. For example, even with a CCNP, if all you can get (due to lack of experience) is an entry-level NOC job, then you'll get the same as everyone else (not much). If you can land a Network Engineer position, then you'll make more. More experience will help in landing a better position.
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    All the certifications enable you to to do is to show you can learn at that level and you have the motivation. Experience is key.
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    Unless your a current working Network Engineer in a company with at a minimum CCNA don't even bother with the CCNP. If your trying to break into the Network Engineer position from a NOC role or Network Analyst role then all CCNP material is in play and you better have some work experience to back it up. Having passed the CCNP earlier this year I can attest to the bridge in knowledge between a Network Engineer who has CCNP level duties vs. A CCNA Network Engineer who has CCNP "knowledge".
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    I think you get a base $20,000 increase at every company. Pretty sure its a law.

    Kidding, certs don't mean anything unless you are a consultant, looking to get passed HR for a job, or trying to impress your boss to get a raise. Otherwise it just proves you knew just enough to pass an exam at that point in time, or you were able to **** for it. icon_study.gif Experience and knowledge are king! (yes certs can help you get that knowledge too.... )
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