BGP Route Selection Question

dppagcdppagc Member Posts: 293
I have a question on this statement:

Choose routes that this router originated.

What does it mean?
Does it include loopback addresses?
Does it include directly connected links?


  • EdTheLadEdTheLad Member Posts: 2,111 ■■■■□□□□□□
    It means routes that were originated into bgp on the local device. i.e using the network command, redistribution or the aggregate command. So as an example R1 and R2 form an iBGP peer, both have an interface lo100 with ip; both install into the bgp table using the network command.
    Looking at R1 bgp table i can see two paths for; one from R1 and one from R2; the path via R1 is preferred on R1 because it's been originated locally, if i increase the local preference for the route on R2 and look again at R1's bgp table, the path via R2 will be preferred as local preference is higher than originated in the bgp best path algorithm.
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  • dppagcdppagc Member Posts: 293
    Interesting question to ponder.
    Can loopback addresses and directly connected routes be advertised into bgp although people don't do it.
  • deth1kdeth1k Member Posts: 312
    Well, route will be preferred based on weight ;) as local routes have weight of 32768 by default ;)
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    Yes they can.
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  • dppagcdppagc Member Posts: 293
    Ok I got the answer from INE. There are 4 ways to originate a route into bgp
    network command
    redistribute connected
    aggregate command
    conditional advertisement.
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