A+ (220-802) Study tips

usman4673usman4673 Member Posts: 115
Hi Guys:
I have passed my 801 today and now want to attempt 802 in a week or 10 days. I have heard 802 is a bit more feared among test takers.

As you all know, these are not cheap exams. They cost more, and there is no verbatim stuff. So, one needs to understand and know concepts/technology enough to pass them in first attempt.

Please share study tips.
Recommend practice exams vendors.
Videos etc that you all have used and greatly helped.
Also, do you all know any simulation resource online where one can play building RAIDS, configuring XP/Win7 etc, basically, I want to find a lab simulation so I can play with OS features without installing them on my laptop.

I want something short but comprehensive and not too dry. I only have 7-10 days as my university term will start by Oct 19th. Therefore, I have to pass my 802 before that.

I appreciate ya'll's time and support.

In addition to above, is there any dependency between 801 and 801? I know, there is definitely but are there resources online trageted towards preparing for 802 exam only?


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