Would I be allowed to take CEH?

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I was wondering if EC Council would allow me to take the CEH. It cost $100 non-refundable to apply to take the CEH, and it would be a shame to pay that only to be declined.

Currently for CEH v8 the only requirement is:
Have at least two years of information security related experience.

My background is I have been a professional programmer for 4 years. I have a MS in Computer Science. I currently work as a programming and designer in the multiplayer department of a game company. Outside of programming defensively for hackers, I have never worked an IT or security related job.

To study for CEH I paid for a membership at itpro.tv (which I found their library and videos to be extremely good for the price). I also purchased a CEH study guide book and have taken a few practice test.

It would be a shame to drop $100 on an application to take the CEH only to be declined. Do you think the EC Council would say yes or no to me taking the test?

Thank You.


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    Technically sound programming is related to security. You do have to justify your experience on the application and your supervisor has to confirm.
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    Yes, the only requirement is for 2 years of infosec experience.
    Make sure to inform supervisor as he/she will be contacted.
    For an overview of the entire process, refer to my post
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    Eligibility Process: https://cert.eccouncil.org/application-process-eligibility.html
    Request Eligibility Form: https://cert.eccouncil.org/Exam-Eligibility-Form.html

    From what I've heard, they are usually pretty lenient on allowing people to take the exam. After all, it's your money that you're willing to spend to apply and take the exam. You just need to make sure you are properly prepared for it. Good luck.
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    Please make sure to review the new objectives of the CEHv9 on the EC-Council site. They will cover some things that may not be part of the CEHv8 material you have been reading. I know SecureNinja is starting to teach this material. Study hard, practice the hands on and have fun!
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