Would I be allowed to take CEH?

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I was wondering if EC Council would allow me to take the CEH. It cost $100 non-refundable to apply to take the CEH, and it would be a shame to pay that only to be declined.

Currently for CEH v8 the only requirement is:
Have at least two years of information security related experience.

My background is I have been a professional programmer for 4 years. I have a MS in Computer Science. I currently work as a programming and designer in the multiplayer department of a game company. Outside of programming defensively for hackers, I have never worked an IT or security related job.

To study for CEH I paid for a membership at itpro.tv (which I found their library and videos to be extremely good for the price). I also purchased a CEH study guide book and have taken a few practice test.

It would be a shame to drop $100 on an application to take the CEH only to be declined. Do you think the EC Council would say yes or no to me taking the test?

Thank You.


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