Training opportunity but unsure which training to go with

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I was recently talking to my boss and the topic of security training came up. Basically, he said find something, let him know what it is and he will make it happen this year yet. I was like great, but then I realized, I don't know which one will best suite my needs.

To give a little background, I have been having conversations with him throughout the year about some additional duties within the security realm.. Mainly, we have talked about compliance issues, policies, our requirements for audits etc. I currently work for a healthcare organization so we have concerns with HIPPA, HITECH, PCI-DSS etc. I am not interested necesarily in pentesting but I would like to get some training that has some technical meat to it. Even though the conversations have related to policy, I think there will be a good deal of technical work too.

CEH, CISSP, something else etc. Anyone have suggestions, thoughts, or ideas (pro's and con's). Maybe it is better to go with more hands on lesser known training like eLearn or wireshark's class.

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    Since your boss has your backing I would probably start out with the GSEC training course.
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    I second that. GSEC covers technical material and they are not cheap.
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    From what I have seen, none of the security related training is cheap so I am glad the company is willing to pick up the tab. I looked into the GSEC and think that it is a good fit. I have sent the information along to my boss to get his thoughts. I asked for the addon of the cert voucher and will see what he thinks about that. They offered to pick up the tab for my VCP and CCNA certs so maybe he will be willing to put that in upfront. The total would be about 6k then

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    Asolutely do SEC401 (GSEC) training with Dr Eric Cole. I just did it last month and it was blast. I definitely learned a lot and enjoyed all of the real world examples he gave while teaching the material.
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    I was looking at the one in Rosemont (Near Chicago) with Doc Blackburn (Nov 30th through Dec 5th). Glad to hear you learned a lot. Do you feel like you learned enough to take the exam or did you need to study more? Also, what materials did you get like books etc?

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