Job changing certification path

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So about month ago I started a new job, in my initial interview me and my boss talked about my Cisco experience which I've gained from my Air National Guard career. In my civilian career I've pretty much been a SA/DBA working with Linux and Oracle. So in my mind I thought 'wow this will be great opportunity to merge my Guard career with my civilian career and work solely on networks.' This made my certification path (at the time) logically easy. I knock out CCNP RS and spend a year on CCIE RS.

However when I took a look at the topology for my data center it was a complete Nexus environment (1K,3K,5K,9K,UCS). In addition to this, the main objective of the data center is to test and analyze new security equipment. I am also moving units in the Guard to a Cyber Defense Unit next month. Now I am thinking RS might not be the right path for me, as I only have one router and it is simply being used to NAT and statically route to the Outside.

I will be taking the VCP5.5 this month, what path would you go from there? Take the CCNA SEC or CCNA DC or at least finish CCNP just to have the 'P' under my belt and reset from there.

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