How to calculate data file time?

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Hi Network Experts,
I am lost in this question,please provide guide me by providing the solution and explanation, many thanks in advance.

Consider the transfer of a data file of 106 bits from a source to a destination for the following switching network:
• The data rate of the line is 1 Mbps.
• The file is divided into fixed packet size, each of which has a size of 4000 bits (including data and header), before transmitting. There is 250 bits in the header. If there is not enough data to fill a packet, it is filled with zeros before transmission. All frames sent have the same size.
• The propagation delay per transmission is 0.002 sec.
• Each packet must be transmitted 7 times before reaching destination.

Determine the time it takes each host along the path to transmit the entire data file.
Compute the end to end delay using datagram packet switching
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