CEHv8 Passed!! Finally Done for the year!

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Well back in September, I went and took the CEH certification exam. I took my exam on a Saturday and overall it wasn't that bad of an exam some parts were harder than others. You have to know your utilities and syntax for sure. As most people said, Nmap is huge along with Netcat. Know Snort rules and understand fundamentals of Wireshark and you should be ok. The stuff covered like Cryptography on the exam is similar to the types of questions you would expect from Security+ if that helps anyone out at all. Questions were worded horribly and you had to kinda get in the mind of the test maker to figure out what they are asking. I got a 81% so not the best score in the world but i'll take it since passing is 70%! Here is what I used to study:

Matt Walker AIO book + Practice Exam book
Michael Gregg CEH Pearson Kindle book
Boson Practice exams
CBT Nuggets CEHv8 James Conrad (good overview/review of topics wouldn't recommend for primary video training)
CEH Official materials
LearnSmart CEH course(found this to be very helpful for the $15 I spent) You can get in on Udemy for a good price.

The practice exams are helpful but the real exam is just more tool intensive to say the least. Now I am done for the year and going to enjoy some Elder Scrolls Online. Next year, I'm going to do my CCNA Security 210-260 along with maybe the Windows 10 specialist certification.


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