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Anyone attending IPexpert R&S 12 day bootcamp in Orlando starting Nov 2nd? I will be there! Free retake from earlier this year. Only 1.5 hr drive from where I live.


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    Not attending but I see their aggressive pricing. They're practically giving it away. Please give an honest review afterwards!
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    I would love to hear a review as well.
    Have you been using their study materials? If so how would you rate them? I'm considering buying into IPexperts or INE for their workbooks and haven't decided yet.
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    Yes I wonder how there CCIE RS videos hold up. I know they originally had it with Terry Vinson, then changed to another guy who supposed to bring like 20 yrs of experience to table but I guess that fell through, and now the current guy who recently passed CCIE V5. Im assuming they are pricing so low because of low enrollment to the new trainer. So if you give it high marks I may just buy it to lock in that price but hold off for a year or so to cash it in.
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    The truth is my R/S written will expire in November. I have no plans to retake it nor I am ready to schedule the lab. I will attend a few days of the R/S boot camp, since it is a free retake and 1.5 hour drive from my house. I want to refresh my skills. I currently WFH 100% remote. It will be good to get out of the house and be around some network engineers for a few days.

    I have been on the fence about either CISSP or CCIE Security for my next cert. I have chosen CCIE Security. I need my digits bad. CISSP can wait till later. I am more of a hands on engineer and the CISSP is traditionally management focused. My interest in the R/S track gradually disappeared. Yeah it would be nice to have, but you need more interest and dedication to achieve the CCIE. I see my career progressing to both data center and security. The DC rack rentals are too expensive and a pain to schedule. Security track is the logical choice. Plus the security field is exploding with new jobs. There are less engineers on the job market with CCIE Security than R/S, meaning the security could be more specialized and bring in a higher rate. I only do contract work.

    I will provide some feedback from the boot camp. I did confirm JP Cedeno is our instructor. There some overlap between R/S and Security tracks, where I can refresh the skills. Example, DMVPN.
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    dmarcisco wrote: »
    Not attending but I see their aggressive pricing. They're practically giving it away. Please give an honest review afterwards!

    $4990 or are they offering a discount? I remember getting a discount offer for one of their previous boot camps because I was local, but I didn't receive anything this time around. Not that it matters as I am nowhere near ready for the lab.
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    Its currently going for $1,499 for 12 days (Oktoberfest special). It has to be that low due to low enrollment because the pricing is kind of crazy.
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    Has anybody here experienced their CCIE bootcamp online? I'm keen to hear a review from anybody who has taken their bootcamps both in-real-life and online.
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    Received the following email today. FYI the bootcamp starts on 2NOV.

    Hello all,

    Sorry for not responding to everyone's individual emails about the Orlando venue.

    I appreciate everyone's understanding to this point

    Things with the original location have fallen through and I am working to finalize our new location as we speak.

    Though there IS good news.

    This new location will be the same for BOTH weeks of the Bootcamp, and it is in a hotel, so students can stay at the same place the Bootcamp is held.

    The venue we are looking to book is the Park Inn by Radison in Kissimmee. 19 miles from the Airport. This is also 1/2 mile from the main gate entrance to Walt Disney World.

    Please do NOT book a room at the hotel until I've finalized the change. We will probably get a discounted rate and a block of rooms so it will be more beneficial to wait.

    I will have a final decision by EOD tomorrow, so everyone can make plans.

    Thank you all for your patience and understanding,



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